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Potential Commissions.

OK guys, comicon is approaching, and I’m looking to make a scar prosthetic for my face to make it bad-ass. However, i need a little funding for that, but i don’t have much time to make it in. Essentially, i was wondering if hypothetically, people would be interested in commissions in the styles above for about £20 each, possibly £25 if they’re big pokemon?

Ideally, i would be very happy to do 4/5 single trainers + 1 pokemon designs with the colouring style above. The idea is to get them done quickly and efficiently so i can just outright pay for the materials needed. I can also do individual pokemon designs, pokefusions, or chibi-ish kind of styles too.

These possible commissions will be limited to the above styles because of time restraints, i can only do one person + pokemon if i want to get more than one of them done in time haha!

In any case, if you are interested, please let me know by message or fan mail! if there is some, if any, i’ll post a second post to say whose getting what and in what order etc. (payment would have to be upfront and through pay-pal, just so people are aware)

Let me know! night folks!