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Litwick - Lampent - Chandelure


someone requested that i zoom into the ghost pokemon on Giratinas picture last night, well i have plans to use them for the poster version of it, so i went a bit further. i hope you guys like them!

To reiterate from before -  Litwick, Lampent and Chandelure are based on jellyfish, adult squid/octopus and larger octopuses. I like the idea that they float ghostily through the air as if swimming, raising their tentacles when  agitated, forming the ‘chandelier’ like shape, poised to attack. It also made sense because i could see their ‘fire’ being some kind of bio-luminescence that they eject as they travel, like some kind of liquid fire/chemical that burns horribly, rather than actual fire. 

Part of me likes to think that they commune in groups at Graveyards because of the spiritual energy there, hoarding around people when they come to visit lost loved ones. As the pokedex states, they feed off energy and life-force, but i would suggest that , in large groups (being not all that confident on their own), they latch onto people using small mouths underneath their ‘wax’ tentacles and feed on blood. The older evolutions do much the same, but are far bolder and aggressive, using their  chemical fires to scorch people before feeding.

On that note, when in smaller groups, i imagine a scout to float ahead of the larger pod, using their false fires to as lures to draw humans and pokemon closer to the group. This tiny little dancing flame leading you into the darkness before the whole group lights up…and then its too late.

They originate from Giratinas Dimension, and whenever she appears, they signal as her herald. The ones here  like the two humans. yes they do :I