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Commission so far.

The Delphox is just an update because im enjoying the Kalos starters final forms. all i need is for someone to commission chesnaught now XD

but yes, greninjas all done! onto Sceptile and feraligatr!

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Next commission #greninja #water #pokemon #art #digitalart #commission #frog #kalos im enjoying this one so far, hes in a team with feraligatr and sceptile.

Anonymous said: Your icon thingy on the tumblr app is off just a tiiiiny bit and idk why but i pisses me off every time. I think i may have ocd.

Sadly ive tried to alter it but it just defaults that way. Im assuming because its a circle, when the icon on the internet is a square?


A Brazilian artist named Hamilton Coelho, makes sculptures from whale bones.


A Brazilian artist named Hamilton Coelho, makes sculptures from whale bones.


I really want a good body…

But this bowl of macaroni and Cheese isn’t going to eat itself. 

Heres my Stained Glass window all finished. The lineart at least. I’ve already inserted it into the picture im working on and it looks really nice. Really good exercise too. 
Hope you all like it!

Commission - Unique Gardevoir concept - Pepper

This one took longer than I would have hoped, but still turned out quite nicely. In the future, I will probably rethink how much I charge for unique or original characters, as they take a fair bit longer than regular pokemon. 

Anywho! Next up is Sceptile and Greninja, and i must confess i am quite excited for it :D

Stained glass window concept WIP
this is part of an art trade with my friend Anna, who created Mouse in End Run. It doesn’t give away what I’m doing, but I’ve enjoyed designing this. Hell, once its done, it might be useful for the giratina poster I’m planning. 
plus, pokemon mythology and religious history is always fun to create, as are knights. Interpret it as you will :)

Amon and the Equalist arc - A Nerds Ramblings

Here are my thoughts on the Equalists and Amon when a friend finished watching the end of the first series. Hope you enjoy reading it, even if you don’t necessarily agree :)

My Friend - So yeah I just watched the rest of series one of Korra… all at once haha.

I can kinda see where Amon is coming from but in the end its still oppression. Sure he wants everyone to be equal but removing their bending to make them equal isn’t equality. Of course bending gives them greater potential to go power mad but that really does seem like the minority. If someone is going to be cruel that’s just the way they are. Look at the equalists, sure they were misguided, but they oppressed people, benders and sympathisers and they were just normal humans.

Everyone has the potential to be evil; those that just happen to be benders have an unfair advantage. And as for Amon, I get he was abused by his father and everything but that still doesn’t excuse him becoming a genocidal psychopath, especially as while his father was abusing him and his brother he wasn’t in possession of his powers. “My father was a horrible oppressor even without his bending, therefore its the bending that’s to blame not my clearly immoral father. I know I’ll remove all bending from the world… Using bending” It just doesn’t make sense.

They’re all human beings whether they can bend the elements or not so they should all be accepted and learn to accept love each other’s unique qualities, case and point Tenzin and Pema.

 Wow that got incredibly philosophical very quickly haha


 Me - I see where you’re coming from, but ultimately I think you might have overlooked some of the points the show was raising.

 First off, yes Noatak is being slightly hypocritical by taking away bending using bending. That’s why Amon was created. He’s a symbol, more than anything. And it makes sense that he did so. The non-benders of republic city are horrendously oppressed. The entire police force is composed of benders, the best jobs are there for benders, the main sports are for benders, and the ENTIRE city council is run by benders. The criminal underworld is run by benders. I know that it is perfectly possible and indeed likely that there are non-bending criminals, but from what we see, the main groups that carry out organised crime appear to be run by benders. They simply wield the threatening power, and I don’t imagine non-benders to be used for little more than leg work.

If I were a non-bender in republic city, I would want someone fighting for me, because when we are introduced to Republic City, no one seems to be on their side.

When you say that they are every day humans and the Equalists managed to oppress and inspire fear etc, that’s slightly untrue. They are everyday people, when they start, but they are taking matters into their own hands. We NEVER see anything going well for non-benders in the Avatar world, unless they train ridiculously hard to overcome benders.

Take the warriors of kyoshi, whose entire village was destroyed during a small scale scuffle. You’ve got the earth benders who terrorized the local villages and extorted them for money because they could. The dai-li agents and how they oppressed the people of ba-sing-se. Even the water tribe does it, and there’s a whole host of other examples. Now, you’re a non-bending person living in the slums of republic city and Amon shows up, with a sympathetic story and to start off with, wants to teach you how to even the odds against people. Its classical arms race mentality. It’s like someone coming to your door with a gun. This man’s power is derived from him having a gun. If you take away the gun, the man is no longer a threat. In an ideal world, people would get along, very true, but that’s why I love the show. Amon shows us that if you are passive, you won’t be heard, and that has been the case right up until Korra arrives, the show presents us with a very grey situation that I think they copped out on with the ending.

The reason that Amon scares her so much is because without her bending, Korra doesn’t know who she is and she will be rendered powerless. No-one wants to have whats special about them taken away.

Amon scares Korra because he puts her in the position of the non-bending community. And she doesn’t like it. Which is why I think he was the perfect antagonist for her.

Ultimately, Korra does learn from this, and that’s good, but it takes her awhile (forget season 2). But I get Amons connection with his father and why it drives his desire for equality.

The argument with his father, Yakone, is that he used to be a horrible, horrible man, and was terrible to his children. Noatak sees this oppression and loathes it. But its only until he realises he has the power over his father does he act. If Yakone had retained his bending, He would have continued being a horrible person, but the avatar took his bending away because he saw it as the right thing to do. To Noatak, this is the defining point, especially when he has his monologue about the avatar taking away his father bending making him weak.

When his father had his bending taken away, he was no longer able to hurt innocent people. And when he realises this, he makes it his destiny to ‘equalise’ the world, as benders have a natural advantage over these people. We don’t see many people with chi-blocking abilities. And how many years did they have to train to be good at, when a fire bender can spit flames at 3 years old? He is horribly misguided in the way he does it, but ultimately, he wants the right thing, he wants to give power back to the powerless. Even Tarlok admits it, that he genuinely believes that Noatak thinks he’s doing the right thing.

It’s also the same with Hiroshi Sato. He is a bit crazier than Amon, but it’s driven by grief. When I see his story, I see a man who has clawed his way to the top without the use of bending, built an empire and simply wants to support people like him. It makes perfect sense that he would, too.

I’m going to wrap it up soon because I’ve rambled, but yeah, please don’t think I’m just OMFG YOU WRONG. This is just what I think on the matter hahah!

My ultimate point is, this is what happens when a group of people is misrepresented, oppressed and terrorized. Eventually, something’s going to crack, and because I’ve grown up with the avatar word, I kinda knew it was going to happen. This is the first time we see the non-benders actually fight back, and I thought it was great to see them do so. They were tired of being terrorized just for being different, so they took matters into their own hands. When I was watching the show, it was hard for me to know who the ‘good guys’ were, in reality. I sympathised with the Equalists and after I watched season 2, I realised that Amon was ultimately right. Considering its never mentioned again and the only change they make is installing a non-bending president, it seems as though they just swept it under the rug and the writers didn’t really know how to deal with the aftermath of a huge uprising like the equalist movement.

Noatak and Hiroshis conquest of the city definitely gets out of hand and is wrong, but the message that Amon starts with still rings true. He just wanted to give power to the powerless in a cut throat society that had been working against them for years. Yes peace and equality in theory are great and yes, the equalists start persecuting innocent benders, but the non-bending supporters don’t see that. They see the people that burnt down their homes, or extorted money from their neighbours being brought to ‘justice’.

AAAAND IM DONE. Im sorry, i didn’t mean to kind of write this much, but these are my thoughts on it all. Hell, the fact that its making me think this much is the hallmark of a good show!


My Friend - Haha don’t worry about writing an essay, that’s fine. And don’t worry I know you aren’t going “OH MY GOD YOU’RE TOTALLY WRONG” I see where you’re coming from, it escaped my notice for the most part actually about everything being run by benders, that is true. I do completely see where you’re coming from and Amon’s message of giving the power to the powerless is totally justified.

Everyone should be equal, and I understand when people are put under extreme pressure they will crack. But you can’t fight oppression with oppression, the pair of us know that first hand, you being gay and me suffering from bouts of depression, we certainly wouldn’t want to be oppressed for being the way we are and neither would the element-benders or non-benders.

He obviously thought he was doing the right thing and that’s what makes his decent into madness, evil and oppression even more tragic. Shame really, if he wasn’t so twisted in the head because of his father he could have been a good man and started a revolution and made things better peacefully.


Me - Oh no that’s where it goes wrong for him and the revolution, when it descends into occupation of the city. But again, i still believe he’s doing what right for his followers, in a time when the avatar is next to useless and has been shown in the papers actively taking down your comrades and essentially being part of an ‘anti-equalist’ group.

That would have just killed her image in the eyes of the people that think ’ you know what, Amon might be a bit extreme, but at least he’s fighting for us. The avatars group has just hosted a raid on people just PRACTICING Chi blocking; can’t we even learn how to defend ourselves anymore?? ‘That’s (to the masses) the equivalent of the police coming into your martial arts group fully armed with machine guns and going ‘we think you are dangerous so we are taking you into police custody, but we have the dangerous weapons.‘ That would be horrible for the non-bending community, not only have they got all of this crap to deal with already, but as soon as the avatar arrives, she’s aggressive, abrasive and just outright take sides in a growing conflict, rather than proposing peace in a time when its desperately needed. And of course, chi blocking is an art developed solely for taking down bending, but it’s no different to learn self-defence techniques in the real world.

But yeah, i still stick to my point, when you push a group too far; it makes them desperate for change. Whilst I dislike the comparison, look at how Hitler rose to power. The German people wanted someone to blame after the war, they felt horribly oppressed (the everyday people, suffering through the ramifications of the war they didn’t want to be a part of anyway) and powerless whilst other countries dictated how their money would be spent and their lands carved up. Just everyday people, not the government or the militia. Then a guy comes along believing in you, wanting to help you and being like you. They followed him and before the hideous part of history happened the German people loved him.

I don’t like the comparison, but ultimately, it goes to show that when people aren’t shown respect and think they have nothing to lose; they will take a radical option. And they did. My point is mainly that he was right in that the benders were being awfully oppressed and the majority of the cast remained oblivious, or simply didn’t care to it because it didn’t concern them.

 I just wish that nickelodeon had bought the show for two series instead of one, and then it could’ve been expanded and given the ending it deserved. Instead of korra not learning anything and being given her powers back without having to work for them. But ah well XD


As some people have asked me to post this, here is the conversation. My main point of it all is that whilst people may certainly disagree and object to some of my points (and I welcome it), I like to think it would certainly put a new perspective on the situation the writers made for these people.

I do love the Legend of Korra, and I think they really outdid themselves with the Equalist arc. Also, if you have some thoughts too, please let me know! I would love to hear them! 

I just wrote 1000 words…

In a conversation with a friend on the Equalist movement of Korra and why I ultimately think Amon was ultimately ‘right’.

Good god i am a nerd XD

Thoroughly Impressed with Korra season 3 so far.

There have been some genuinely moving points, the action is wonderful, the animation is excellent and the plot is moving slowly, giving it time to breathe. Character development hasn’t been ignored, which makes a change from season 2 and even season one. Hell, Jinora, kya and bumi have had development, Korra has learnt from her mistakes and is becoming overall a much more solid character with likeable traits. Bolin got some depth added to his arc too, which is great, as Mako is stupid. 

Ok, he’s ok, but im not a fan of the tall brooding firebender cliche. The villains are mysteriously interesting, with some really cool concepts behind their design and powers. Instead of, you know, Unalaq, AKA Tarlokk 0.2. 

Even all of the new characters being introduced aren’t just…there, they have their own opinions, voices and are well fleshed out. 

it’s good to be back on track, let’s hope they keep it up :)

P.S Bring back Amon. 

llorstel said: LOKI

Loki: What is the best trick you’ve ever pulled on someone?

My favourite was when my sister went to get her shoes from the cupboard under our stairs and found me waiting there. i screeched like a Ringwraith very loudly and she nearly had a heart attack.

I had been waiting there for 15 minutes, just for her. 

Sorcerers Apprentice Mickey tattoo design.

I will never have non messy lines. But hey ho, i really liked working on this one :) The actual painted version will probably be too complex, but the guy didnt really specify how he wanted it painted, so i just  slapped some on. 

Anonymous said: I have a question for yeh. Draco Salamenticus, or the OD of the OG, Dragonite? Which one do you prefer? Please note: Only an answer written in formal essay format, with thesis and 3 supporting arguments will be accepted. . . . Or, alternatively, you may reply in any goddamn way you want.

I! Uh…! If you mean, do i prefer Dragonite or Salamence, that would be Dragonite. Reasons? Multiscale and Weakness Policy combo. possibly with extremespeed added in.